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Offer PREMIUM, 1855 Black Angus Beef

Memorable meals for your customers. Increased sales and margins for you.


1855 Black Angus beef is perfect for your most discerning customers. The ones who are loyal, recognize value and choose consistent quality. They’ll quickly recognize the appearance 1855 Black Angus beef offers in the case; its uniform tray coverage, bright color and the abundant marbling of USDA Prime and Upper 2/3 Choice beef. Once they’ve tasted the remarkable juiciness and flavor, they’ll want more.



Knowledgeable grocers, those who understand the many benefits of premium Angus Beef, are invited to offer 1855 Black Angus beef. Wisely target the shoppers whose baskets generate more than twice the sales of those without beef.

Superior SUPPORT for your business.


Fine grocers deserve our best. 1855 Black Angus beef arrives at your door in a distinct black box. Your product is made-to-order, specifications are guaranteed, and the utmost attention and marketing support secures your position in the crowded marketplace. We meet your tough standards with insight and energy, offering only the finest, premium beef.


When you choose the 1855 brand, you’re backed by THE BEST.


Marketing 1855 Black Angus beef for retail helps differentiate you. Our dedicated team is here to provide you access to high-level marketing support, including point-of-sale materials, that’s versatile enough for your full service or self-service case. Enhance your display case and drive sales with 1855 Black Angus beef promotional materials.

Become part of the 1855 Black Angus beef family. Join an exclusive group of retailers. Get more information about 1855 Black Angus beef now.

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